Functional Hardware for Cabinets

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Refurbishing your kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean complete remodeling. You can always enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen within your budget! How? 

Changing the style and design of knobs, hinges, pulls, or even drawers can improve your cabinet’s finish at a cost-effective price. Get uniquely manufactured cabinet hardware with different designs and options to choose from; All at One Stop Kitchen Cabinets!


We offer a robust collection of cabinet hardware carefully selected based on the dynamic requirements of today’s buyers. You can check out our cabinet hardware collection curated with traditional handcrafting skills, efficient technology, and the highest quality materials.

Things To Consider

Pick a style 


Choose the style that is in sync with your kitchen cabinets and your kitchen’s overall aesthetic. Hardware with ridges and textured detailing goes well with traditional design. Although, we suggest you stick with clean lines and simple patterns for modern cabinets.


Select a finish 


The finish can be a game-changer when it comes to cabinet hardware. If the finish of your cabinet hardware doesn’t align with your kitchen’s setup, all your efforts to enhance the appeal of your kitchen will go to waste. So pay attention to the finish when selecting your cabinet hardware.

You Can Experiment By Mixing Metals!

Never be afraid to break the rules and experiment with different metals. Several metal combos go great with each other—for instance, black hardware with brass lighting is a perfect combination. 


Pick the Size


Drawers and cabinets vary in size. So, it becomes essential to consider the size of your cabinets before selecting your hardware. You can easily measure the dimensions and opt for the ones that fit perfectly


Our offerings

  • Pulls 

One Stop Kitchen Cabinets offers pulls in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. You can use knobs and pulls interchangeably, but pulls are considered ideal for drawers.

  • Knobs

Knobs are a fun way to accentuate your kitchen. Go for a classic knob with bronze coating or stick with colorful knobs for a more modern look.

  • Hinges 

Keep your cabinet movements smooth with One Stop Kitchen Cabinets’ impeccable hinge parts. They are an essential part of your cabinet hardware, so you need to ensure they are of optimal quality. 


  • Locks 

Keep your costly kitchen equipment and cutlery safe from children by using safe and stylish locks. 

  • Drawer slides 

Get the perfect mix of strength and value by using drawer slides. Open the drawer to the entire length of the slide without any issue with our quality drawer slides. 


  • Bumpers 

Offer a little cushioning to your cabinet by adding a bumper. They are great when it comes to noise reduction.


  • Under-cabinet lighting 

Instead of lighting the entire kitchen to get a little bit of light in your cabinets, use under-cabinet lighting and save on energy bills.

The Advantages Of Buying Cabinet Hardware From One Stop Kitchen Cabinets.

  • Quick delivery 

We have built an extensive delivery network to help us deliver our products to you in the shortest amount of time. No need to wait for weeks to get your cabinet hardware delivered to your home. 

  • The biggest collection of hardware 

From bumpers to lighting, we have all kinds of kitchen cabinet hardware you need. Simply browse through our collection to get your hands on the perfect hardware for your kitchen. 

  • Made from the finest materials

Our kitchen cabinet hardware will last as long as your cabinet! We make our hardware from the best quality material for higher ROI. 

  • Easy on your pocket 

There is no need to spend a fortune on premium-looking cabinet hardware as we offer top-grade cabinet hardware at pocket-friendly prices.

Select the perfect kitchen cabinet hardware from our store; we showcase a collection of top-quality hardware that offers durability and personalization to suit your specifications. Explore more on the website!